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How do you describe being homeless? Growing up in a middle class family, doing all the right things. Then one day, you are on the street.What Happens now?

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Now that I am no longer homeless, I still hope to help others. There are a few who truly want off the streets, out of the soup lines. Back to a "normal" way of living. Everyone who is homeless isn't a bum, nor a criminal. There are those that just need a chance. My first day as a homeless person was April 1st, 1997. From then on its been an unreal experience. Not one I would suggest anyone go thru, but one I know I have learned from. I hope in some way this blog helps you, the reader know a little about me. But more important , I hope it helps you understand a little more about homeless people in general.



Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day.
Ever have one of those days when you really wanted to say something, just didn't k now how to get it out on the screen? I am having that kind of day. Sort of like there is a stop sign in my brain!
Being homeless has changed me. I don't know if its for the better, but I have changed. Its not something I would recommend, even for the experience. I have seen so many things first hand that many people don't or won't ever see. Not all of it good either. It has gotten to the point that very little surprises me.
I have been a person who always took up for people. Now, on the street, its taking your life into your own hands to do that. I still do, but, afterwards, I always have this feeling "this will be the last time".
Its just not coming today. Sorry, hopefully tomorrow it will.
Have a wonderful evening.


Blogger No soup for you! said...

I hope you find the words, because I know I'll want to read them :)

12:55 PM  
Blogger Aaron the Atheist said...

Fred, I know how you feel. I have not posted on my blog for days. I called it "blogblock".


8:45 PM  
Blogger ~m2~ said...

hey fred - i just wanted to stop in and say hello - for not knowing what to write, you had a very powerful statement in that paragraph.


2:09 PM  

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