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How do you describe being homeless? Growing up in a middle class family, doing all the right things. Then one day, you are on the street.What Happens now?

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Now that I am no longer homeless, I still hope to help others. There are a few who truly want off the streets, out of the soup lines. Back to a "normal" way of living. Everyone who is homeless isn't a bum, nor a criminal. There are those that just need a chance. My first day as a homeless person was April 1st, 1997. From then on its been an unreal experience. Not one I would suggest anyone go thru, but one I know I have learned from. I hope in some way this blog helps you, the reader know a little about me. But more important , I hope it helps you understand a little more about homeless people in general.


Homes for All Part 4

Do I think the Mayors plan will work. In a word, NO. Why?
First I have to question why anyone would bring forth a government plan for anything, without first having some inkling as to where the money is coming from to operate the plan. Be nice to actually have money already earmarked for it.
Secondly this is a "10 year plan" , the mayor leaves office in less than two years.Who is to say the next mayor is going to support this.
A 10 year plan. IN 10 years I will be 61. It may be too late for myself and others as it is, but Mr Mayor, your plan isn't designated to begin for TWO years. We are getting older and many of us are dying out here.
Next, I think it is political posturing. Just something that when Mayor Purcell runs for his next political position, he uses as " look what I began".
And, I believe this is not an issue for the soley the government to be dealing with.
It is a social issue. Face it, the government could house me, feed me, clothe me, educate me, but not get me a job. Unless one is going to work for the government , Mayor Purcell can't supply the first job. The private sector has to be the primary force behind this. The Nashville Symphony Hall will cost about $120 million dollars, private monies of course, but, it shows what the private sector can do , if they want to. By the way I don't begrudge that money spent, I think it will be a wonderful addition to the Nashville music scene.
The private sector has to supply the jobs, and even the training. They know what kinds of workers they need, and to be able to train them the way they want to should be a plus for them, an incentive to invest in the community.
Mr. Mayor, you plan is all well and good, if you succeed in seeing it thru , I will commend you, but, the time isn't on my side or the side of others.


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