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How do you describe being homeless? Growing up in a middle class family, doing all the right things. Then one day, you are on the street.What Happens now?

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Now that I am no longer homeless, I still hope to help others. There are a few who truly want off the streets, out of the soup lines. Back to a "normal" way of living. Everyone who is homeless isn't a bum, nor a criminal. There are those that just need a chance. My first day as a homeless person was April 1st, 1997. From then on its been an unreal experience. Not one I would suggest anyone go thru, but one I know I have learned from. I hope in some way this blog helps you, the reader know a little about me. But more important , I hope it helps you understand a little more about homeless people in general.



Good morning to all! Great day here. I have a couple of jobs to search out, I found one in the paper and heard about one via word of mouth.
I made a decision on Friday that I would not go to the mission for a meal anymore. I do believe that being dependent on someone else to feed, house and clothe you , breeds dependency. Ok maybe that didn't sound correct, but I think you know what I mean. I need to be self-sufficient. I stopped at a business on Sat evening and made a deal with the owner, I will keep his parking lot clean, he saves his aluminum cans for me. Good deal on both parts. It will only take me 10 minutes to clean the parking lot and he has quite a few cans each week. Usually about 40 pounds.
That will feed me. I will worry about everything else later.
I have some friends who are a lot like me. We don't want a hand out, just a job that will pay a living wage. We have a get together at a local church, its sort of a pot luck thing. Some people wont have anything one week, but we al bring plenty when we can so everyone has a feast. Also the church installed 3 washers and 3 dryers for our use. Its not a wealthy church either and I know it wasn't something they could afford and not have it impact them financially. We are so grateful for them and their assistance to us.
Despite all we try to do, to dispel the stigma the general public has about homeless people, we still get hit with it everywhere we go. Especially a job search.
Employers think we are only there for a handout, for a short term thing. They feel we will get enough money, and then quit after they have invested training in us.
There are some like that and try as we may we cant get them to understand they are hindering ALL of us, not just themselves. I guess some would rather keep their hand out than to use their head and hands to make a honest living. I have lately been trying to convince a local homeless person , of just that. he wont listen though. Shame too, because he could actually impact the homeless cause greatly.Stubborn? No , just would rather let someone care for him than to make a slight effort to do so for himself.
Have a wonderful day everyone, Keep me in your thoughts


Blogger Aaron the Atheist said...

Good luck Fred, I don't pray but my wishes are with you.


1:32 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Fred, congrats on getting the income from the cans. You are not alone and we are reading along. Keep up the good work and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Blog on! Brotha!

2:07 PM  
Blogger Fred F. said...

Thanks to the both of you. I have always said you gotta do what you gotta do.

2:33 PM  

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