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How do you describe being homeless? Growing up in a middle class family, doing all the right things. Then one day, you are on the street.What Happens now?

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Now that I am no longer homeless, I still hope to help others. There are a few who truly want off the streets, out of the soup lines. Back to a "normal" way of living. Everyone who is homeless isn't a bum, nor a criminal. There are those that just need a chance. My first day as a homeless person was April 1st, 1997. From then on its been an unreal experience. Not one I would suggest anyone go thru, but one I know I have learned from. I hope in some way this blog helps you, the reader know a little about me. But more important , I hope it helps you understand a little more about homeless people in general.


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Good morning to All!

I was born in West Virginia. Lived there until 1995. My Mother and I lived on my Grandparents dairy farm. I loved that place, we milked, raised tobacco( didn't care for that much), raised chickens for the eggs to sell and sold dressed hens for the table also. I was really a great life, hard work, sometimes I woould be so tired when I went to bed, I would wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.
I married in 1978. I thought it was a pretty good marriage. We had no children as che wasn't able to and she didn't want to adopt. Trouble was she didn't want to be faithful either. After 18 years I finally had enough. I divorced her and decided I wanted a fresh start somewhere else. My Grandparents has long since passed away ( my Mother is another story I will share later) and I had no close family ties to keep me there.
I ended up in Nashville because of a job. 3rd shift, fair money, but the promise of more later. What I didn't know was that there was to be no "later". The job lasted 2 months , when the contract they had wasn't renewed, I was out of work.
It was winter time and no one was hiring. I used up what I had saved and was working with temp services when they had work for me. Let me tell you, the temp services are NOT a way to earn a living. After I paid for housing, gas for my truck and food, I had less than $5.00 a day left. This is when the homelessness began.


Blogger mrhaney said...

i am sorry to hear that this has happened to you. my daughter and my son in law and their child are soon to be homeless. they think it is a joke , but i know better. drop my my site if you get a chance. good luck to you.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Nikki Adams said...

I am sorry your phone was stolen.Been there and done that.I hope your week goes better than your weekend did.I was exactly where you are now last year homeless on the streets of Nashville.I remember well the troubles and trials I went through.Stay safe and warm.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Nikki Adams said...

Give me an email if you need someone to talk to and chat with my email is lifeflowers20002000@yahoo.com I hope to hear from you.

6:16 PM  

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