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How do you describe being homeless? Growing up in a middle class family, doing all the right things. Then one day, you are on the street.What Happens now?

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Now that I am no longer homeless, I still hope to help others. There are a few who truly want off the streets, out of the soup lines. Back to a "normal" way of living. Everyone who is homeless isn't a bum, nor a criminal. There are those that just need a chance. My first day as a homeless person was April 1st, 1997. From then on its been an unreal experience. Not one I would suggest anyone go thru, but one I know I have learned from. I hope in some way this blog helps you, the reader know a little about me. But more important , I hope it helps you understand a little more about homeless people in general.



I guess a little background about me is in order. I am 50, just turned the big 5-0. I have been homeless for 8 long years. Why am I homeless? I think a variety of things happened. I don't blame anyone but myself. I got out of a bad marriage, tried to start life anew and things didn't turn out as expected.I am NOT a drug user or alcoholic. Not lazy. Unlucky? No, I think we make our own luck. Who knows. Maybe by venting a little here, it will help me in my day-today life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogs tend to be cliche (blogging moms, political blogs, etc.) but I've never come across anything like this before. I would be really interested in reading posts that reveal more of your story. There are several homeless people that I see on a regular basis in my hometown, and I always wonder what happened to them. Most of them appear to have a mental illness or to be alcoholics/drug addicts, but clearly you are of sound mind, not addicted, and appear to have received an education. If you're telling the truth about your circumstances, I am compelled. I hope you keep posting.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Fred F. said...

Thank you. I assure you I am real, and what I say here is the real me. And feel free to ask questions. I am usually a pretty private person, but maybe this venue warrants "opening up" a bit.

7:27 AM  

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